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我很高兴你能访问罗德·肖洛姆学校的网站. In the six-plus years that my family and I have had the privilege to be p艺术 of this special community, we have continued to deepen our appreciation for the p艺术icular blend of closely-knit community, 强大的学术学习, and deeply held values that anchor this wonderful place for children to learn and grow.

在这个, 我在私立学校接受了31年的教育, 我看到了利用聪明人的热情参与的巨大机会, 深思熟虑的, and caring individuals – from two-year-olds to 30-year-plus faculty veterans – who make this place churn with positive energy in order to fulfill our commitment to develop each student’s love of learning and sense of responsibility to themselves and their community through meaningful experiences and intellectual exploration.

I am honored to lead this school in collaboration with a talented and committed leadership team and faculty and staff, 我很自豪能成为这所学校两个茁壮成长的学生的家长. 无论你是刚刚开始了解罗迪夫肖洛姆学校, 要回来看看我们吗, or are one of the hundreds of individuals who together keep the spirit of the school alive every day, I invite you to engage and be p艺术 of preparing tomorrow’s purpose-driven leaders to make the world a better place one action at a time.





这里是幼儿部, 我们有独特的机会向学生介绍发现的乐趣, 学习的奇迹, and provide the formative experiences they will need to prepare for the academic rigor of the grades — all in the safe, 培养, rodeep Sholom学校的环境.

从他们进入我们的项目到他们上完幼儿园, we witness their tremendous growth and are privileged to see their unique personalities unfold.

在二和三, 学生们学习如何度过学校的一天, 如何与他人建立积极和令人满意的关系, 以及如何在团队中发挥作用. They are also exposed to a wide range of learning materials and have myriad opportunities to explore and discover the world around them.

In Pre-Kinderg艺术en this learning continues but with a focus on building a strong foundation for developing literacy, 数学, 在经验丰富的教育工作者的指导下,培养批判性思维能力.

通过幼儿园, 学生们正在积极地运用他们新发现的阅读技能, 写作, 以及数学思维, 并且开始通过他们的日常互动来理解更大的世界. Kinderg艺术en students also meet regularly with specialty teachers where they focus on 音乐, 艺术, 文学, 希伯来语, 还有体育.

和小孩子一起工作永远不会枯燥,每天都有新的冒险. 热爱学习 (Limmud) that we strive to instill in each student is reciprocated through the joy that young children bring to school each day and we are honored to be able to 玩 a p艺术 in guiding them into the world of knowledge.




在小学部, 我们很高兴能与学生和家庭在一个温暖的环境中工作, 培养, and safe community where students engage in challenging academics and supportive 社会 experiences.

我们一至四年级的学生每天走进我们的大门,渴望学习, 玩, 并为他们的社区做出贡献. rodeep Sholom学校的小学生能够在安全的环境中成长, 欢迎, 和适合发展的环境,让他们建立自信, 能力, 还有自尊. Our enthusiastic and highly trained teachers actively engage students in their own learning processes, 他们一起探索新的想法,扩大对世界的理解.

罗迪夫肖洛姆学校 faculty pride themselves on meeting each student’s individual needs to help them acquire new skills, 批判性的思考, 加深他们的学习. Our strong academic program offers a stimulating atmosphere where students are motivated to work with persistence, 的决心, 以及所有学科的热情.

Students are provided meaningful foundations through Judaic Studies and 希伯来语 classes, 让他们探索自己的个人身份, 自我意识, 并以各种方式与犹太教联系起来. 通过我们的课外活动, 包括艺术, 音乐, 戏剧, 技术, 体育课, 与科学, students are provided opportunities to express themselves while discovering their passions and feeding their intellectual curiosity.

社交情绪学习是我们课程的核心, 因为学生们被教导要认识和管理情绪, 解决问题, 做出正确的决定, 关心他人, 互相尊重,友好相处. 学生发展密切, positive relationships with each other and rely on these foundations as they grow and transition through their years at 罗迪夫肖洛姆学校 and beyond.

它是通过我们的核心价值观的镜头, 热爱学习, 社区, 和责任,我们的小学生茁壮成长. Children learn to 批判性的思考 in order to make informed choices and flourish through understanding the value in taking p艺术 of something larger than themselves while understanding their responsibility to their community and others.

我们学校的社区精神是显而易见的. 学生之间建立的联系, 家庭, 教职员工为成长和学习创造了一个独特而特殊的环境. We welcome you to 罗迪夫肖洛姆学校 and look forward to p艺术nering with your family as you and your child experience a 罗迪夫肖洛姆学校 education.




中学 years are defined by both the anticipation and reality of significant developmental change. 在罗迪夫·肖洛姆学校的围墙内, our students engage in a robust and rigorous curriculum designed to appeal to all stages of their intellectual, 社会, 情感成长. 由一个高度承诺和有才华的教师支持, the students receive ample personal attention to help them navigate a demanding schedule with high expectations while also supporting them through this remarkable period of life. 最终, 我们的学校环境促进自信的发展, 自尊, 和维护自己的权利.

Inherent in our program you will find pragmatic philosophy that integrates the most well tested pedagogical wisdom with innovative practice. 我们充满活力的环境激发了想象力, 激励学习, and provides the tools and framework necessary for students to explore ideas and probe questions and theories thoroughly and 深思熟虑的ly. Our teachers present students with abundant opportunities that serve to ignite curiosity and generate questions and investigations that yield “Aha!这些时刻既快乐又令人满意,也很有启发性. 重要的是, 教师提供充足的, 提示, and critical feedback while supporting and championing growth and encouraging student voice and a positive 自我意识. 

犹太人的价值观和传统贯穿于我们的整个课程, governing our understanding of how we conduct ourselves in the community while also keeping our eyes focused outward on tikun奥兰呼吁我们关注正义与公平的问题.

One only has to observe the 8th Grade Graduation ceremony to understand what makes the Rodeph Sholom 中学 program so distinct. 每一个学生, 有风度和口才, stands before the community and speaks about their time at school and lessons learned. 这些话中包含着喜悦和感激之情, 丰富而有意义的学习, and deep understanding of the complexity of the world they live in and the future they face. 我们的毕业生满怀信心、能力和强烈的使命感向前迈进. 

I hope you will visit and see for yourself this dynamic middle school and its comprehensive  program.